Absolute Territory Demo (Alpha 4.3)

Welcome along to the Alpha 4.3 Demo. 

This game is in active development and not representative of the final product.

Before you play I highly recommend you view the readme.txt within the download archive. The game can be played with keyboard & mouse/joystick/HOTAS/gamepad. You should review the keybindings within the Controls menu and adjust to your liking. You may need to define your own control bindings depending on the controller you will be using.

In this demo you can play through the first mission of the waves game mode, with a highscore table. You can also challenge yourself by creating your own custom missions, with a limited selection of opponents and features that will be available within the final game.

If you enjoyed the game, head on over to the Absolute Territory Steam page and wishlist.

Have fun!

Patch Notes

4.3 (20190829)

  • Amend - Most (of the slower) projectile weapon speeds increased
  • Amend - Increased firing rates and decreased energy costs across all projectile weapons
  • Amend - Increased size of gun generator energy for all fighters
  • Amend - reduced recharge rate of gun generator for the Furax
  • Added - Took ownership of my game by adding my name (like I used to tell my students to do)

4.2 (20190828)

  • Fixed - Missile Launchers not being fitted correctly.
  • Fixed - Dart DF Launcher now fires Dart DF's instead of Spiculum's.
  • Fixed - Can now hear Dropshila and Vomtitoria engine pitch changes.
  • Added - Missile Decoy has a shiny new look

4.1 (20190828)

  • Fixed - Mission Editor: Default overrides for weapons not loading correctly.
  • Fixed - Mission Editor: Default override not loading when a mission is loaded.
  • Fixed - Firing Spiculum missile from Drosphila no longer detonates immediately.
  • Fixed - Pulse Weapons not firing.
  • Fixed - Pulse Weapons not tracking current target.
  • Fixed - Drosphila Wings are now symmetric on both sides.
  • Added - Player heard Interface sounds for Dropshila and Vomtitoria.
  • Added - engine effects to Dropshila and Vomtitoria.

4.0 (20190822)

  • Public Release


Absolute Territory Demo (Alpha 4.3).zip 61 MB
Aug 31, 2019

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