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  • Only 64-bit operating system compatible.
  • VR version requires SteamVR

Futuristic single-player mission-based space dogfighting with the familiar feeling of good space sims. Fly a variety of search & destroy, assault, patrol, escort, and scan missions. Choose your ship, customize weapon loadout, manage power settings, and use directional thrusters like an elite pilot.

  • WW2 style space fighter dogfights in first and third-person views
  • Single-player campaign with 21 missions and 6 Imperial Hegemony space fighters to fly
  • Choose weapon loadouts based on missions requirements

  • Newtonian physics with arcade force values balanced for fun
  • Flight Computer for RCS to compensate for zero drag in space
  • Circle strafe your opponents or perform epic [i]slides[/i]
  • Evade incoming weapon fire using [i]manual thruster controls[/i]

  • Create custom missions with an easy to use and robust [i]Level Editor[/i] with access to all 11 Imperial Hegemony and Endophora space fighters, and a full arsenal of weaponry to choose
  • Subscribe and play from a variety of player-made [i]custom missions[/i] in the Steam Workshop.
  • Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents
  • Take the ultimate challenge of The Gauntlet

Defend your Absolute Territory today.

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