A downloadable game for Windows

Discover the weak points of huge alien warships, fill them full of lasers, and missiles to take them down quickly before they end you.

  • Fly 2 missions going up against enemy fighters and warships
  • Choose your primary and secondary weapon load-outs.
  • Shoot bolt and beam type lasers
  • Fire non-seeking and seeking missiles
  • Destroy huge warships by shooting critical areas (i.e. engines)
  • Play in optional VR mode

If you like the idea, leave feedback. It will help me decide if I should progress beyond this prototype.


StarKiller.zip 323 MB

Install instructions

64-bit Windows OS only.

The optional VR mode requires Steam VR.

Familiarise yourself with the ship controls under Options > Controls > Controllers and Keybindings.

Development log

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